Goliath Grouper tries to eat Florida Man, settles for swallowing a fish whole

If you’ve never heard of the Goliath Grouper it is the largest of all the grouper species, and as we se here it’s also a fish you never want to mess with out in the ocean.

The Goliath Grouper (formerly known as the Jewfish) all-tackle world record was set back in 1961, in Fernandina Beach, FL…that fish was a colossal 680 POUNDS.

So yah, they get pretty damn big. So now that we’ve established their impressive size, it’s easy to question why in the hell a spear fishermen would get so close to one out in open water. It’s a terrible idea, that dinosaur of a Goliath Grouper is going to try and swallow you, then swallow your fish, then swim out of there with no fux given. Let’s watch as that exact scenario transpires:

Newstalk Florida reports that this incident took place off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

Standard operating procedure: shoot the fish, get out of the water. If that dinosaur didn’t come along and try to swallow that guy whole maybe a bull shark would have swam by for a tasty (bloody) treat. Like I said: shoot the fish, get out of the water.


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