The ultimate guide to day drinking on summer solstice

With over 15 hours of daylight, day drinking is the only logical way to celebrate summer solstice. Here’s how to get the most out June 21st and avoid passing out before the sun goes down (on you).
When to start
As you always claim on St. Paddy’s Day, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. Get your game face on early.


If you have a girlfriend, odds are you’re required to go to brunch every Saturday morning because women apparently don’t eat breakfast. The upside is that it gives you the perfect excuse to launch into your epic summer solstice day drinking binge. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10am, calling it “brunch” automatically justifies drinking.

Total Frat Move

Shotgun start

The best way to ensure everyone’s on the same page is to organize a shotgun start. I used to throw a party every summer, and no matter how drunk we got the night before, everyone knew they were required to shotgun a beer at noon. New guest knew when to arrive, and those already there knew when to start. Of course nothing says you can’t pregame for the shotgun start.

5 ways day drinking always ends

Where to go
Contrary to popular belief among idiots, summer solstice isn’t the longest day year. It’s still 24 hours. The day does have the most daylight though, so put it to use by drinking outside.

Sit outside at a bar

Google “best patio in [insert city]” and you’ll undoubtedly find several articles telling you what bars have awesome beer gardens, patios, and rooftops. This isn’t the time to check out the fancy new cocktail lounge either. Be sure to pick one with decent prices because you’ve got way more day drinking time than you can afford.


Go to a beach/lake/park

Most public places frown upon drinking alcohol, but I frown upon those foolish rules. Pre-mix your drinks in innocuous bottles (is Nalgene still a thing?) and pack them in a cooler along with food for the day. No one will be the wiser, or at least they won’t be able to prove it. No officer, this really is just Powerade Zero. There’s DEFINITELY no vodka in here.

Visit that one friend with a pool

Everyone knows someone with a pool, and they’re your best friend for summer solstice day drinking. You can bring whatever you want, play drinking games without judgement, and come and go as you please without losing your seat. Plus if it happens to be hot, relief is only a cannonball away. Bonus points if Wendy Peffercorn is on duty.

What to drink
This is where people usually get in trouble. You can’t come out of the gate pounding 10% ABV beers or slamming whiskey on the rocks. You’re just not going to survive.

Session beers

There’s been a big push for craft session beers, so now you can get drink something with plenty of flavor without getting wasted in two hours. That’s key wen you’re day drinking for 10+ hours. Look for anything with less than 5% ABV. You could always just hammer a few 30 packs of Keystone Light if you’re into that sort of thing.

Mixing with sports drinks

Hydration is the most important thing when day drinking, so kill two chickens with one rock by mixing booze and Gatorade. You’ll get buzzed without getting wasted, and you’ll wake up the next day without being completely dehydrated. Just be sure to use a flavor you don’t normally drink, because it will taste like vodka forever after this.


Water. Millions and millions of waters

They say to drink water between every alcoholic drink, but you’ll never remember that. Instead, chug a few glasses throughout the day. Time to eat? Chug a water. Text from your girlfriend? Chug a water. Going to the bathroom for the 12th time because you’ve had so much water? Chug a water.

How to survive
The combination of sun and booze are sure to slow you down, but there are ways to ensure you’re up for raging all day and all night.

Don’t forget to eat

I get hungry every 45 minutes… unless I’m day drinking. Then somehow I’m capable of going 10 hours without even thinking of food. If you want to last the entire day, be sure to eat before you start to slow the onset of drunkeness, and then don’t skip meals throughout the day. Burritos aren’t just for 3am, you guys.

Have a plan at night

We all have dumb ideas when we’re drunk. Unfortunately, that ideas are occasionally to go home. If you don’t want your party to start bailing when the sun goes down, have a plan in place beforehand. “I’ll text you when we figure out what we’re doing” is the easiest way to ensure you’re doing nothing.


Do no, under any circumstance, nap after 6pm

Naps are gods gift to cats, but they’re dangerous to day drinking. If you think you can just catch 20 minutes before going out at night, think again. If you even close your eyes after 6pm, the likelihood that you go out immediately drops to 0.01%. Don’t even blink.


Coffee enemas, non-freak coffee, caffeine/weed shots, caffeinated chocolate, caffeinated beer, energy gummy bears, caffeine you spray on your skin, inhaleable energy, caffeine gum, caffeinated water, or Mountain Dew Kickstart. And that’s just what I have at home right now.

Top image: Facebook/Babes With Beer