Guy gets two DUI’s at SAME McDonald’s in ONE night after driving into a car and building

Zachary Boynton is here to do three things: drive drunk, eat McDonald’s and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum. Mr. Boynton was charged with DWI when he drove his automobile into the car ahead of him at the McDonald’s drive-thru in Oneonta, N.Y. The inebriated 31-year-old had a blood-alcohol of .25, more than three times the legal limit of .08. Boynton was released to a third party who took him home. I guess Boynton had to drown his sorrows of his arrest because it appears that he drank once again and four hours later he was right back at the same McDonald’s to get some fast food to absorb his alcohol. Luckily Boynton had learned his previous lesson from hours ago to avoid hitting cars, but learned a valuable new lesson that you’re not allowed to drive into buildings. After colliding his vehicle into his beloved McDonald’s he fled the scene. Unfortunately for Boynton, authorities figured out that he was once again the drunken culprit and found him as well as his damaged car at his house (No word on whether he kept his brand allegiance or went to Burger King). Police arrested him on another DWI and he was taken to the hospital for treatment from his drive-in accident. This is the third DWI since November for Boynton and he should really consider finding a quality burger joint that delivers.

Picture via HuffPo