Guy leaves delightfully creepy letter for ‘thick’ blonde girl

One of life’s great dichotomies is how men have grown to love “thick” women but women absolutely hate being referred to as “thick.” This creepy letter to a “thick” blonde girl illustrates the conundrum quite artfully.

Redditor siegeturner claims that the note was left on his girlfriend’s doorstep.

thick blonde


Realistically? It’s probably her fault. Maybe she shouldn’t be wrapping bacon around her thighs as if they were a piece of filet mignon being served at a Brazilian steakhouse. What? That’s not why he used the word “eatable” to describe her thighs? Oh, my mistake…just creepy then. Carry on.

Related: That drawing has a TERRIBLE ass. Bitch is built like the body that Krang, the alien brain from Ninja Turtles, used to house himself in. Bad job. (via Jezebel)