A guy made a game about how much his job sucks

And guess what happened? No, his bosses didn’t say that they’re sorry, buy fifty copies for their loved ones, and give him a promotion.

Meet David S. Gallant, creator of I Get This Call Every Day, a game that’s based upon his lousy day job. Or at least, the one he used to have…

According to Polygon, his bosses in the Canadian government were none too pleased with Gallant’s complaining about his job, and in an interactive format no less. Hence why they fired the guy.

The public’s response thus far has been a mix of “gee, that totally sucks!” and “the dude is a complete moron for not seeing this coming.” I myself am completely 50/50 about the matter. Hate to see anyone get fired, especially in today’s job market, but he could have totally been a tad bit less reckless.

Some folks have been telling Gallant that this might be a blessing in disguise, as to allow him to concentrate on game making full-time. And his response? That’s great and all, but a man’s gotta pay the rent as well.

Meanwhile, others have pointed out how he should contact his union rep, provided that he did not disclose any sensitive information in his game. Apparently it’s just as unusual (and impossible) to get fired from Canadian government job as it is in America.

Anyhow, if you feel like helping the guy out while he figures out what’s next, you can do so by purchasing his game.