Guy named Christopher Reeves busted for meth and just guess what he was wearing

Davis County Sheriff’s Office


Up, up and he’s probably going awaaaay!A man named Christopher Reeves — not to be confused with the late actor Christopher Reeve — was arrested in Utah earlier this week after allegedly driving his truck under the influence. Just like the iconic actor, this guy wore Superman gear.

Davis County sheriff’s deputies pulled over Reeves, who was wearing a Superman T-shirt at the time of his arrest, after they caught him allegedly speeding early Tuesday. Deputies searched Reeves’ truck after he failed a field sobriety test and found synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and “a baseball-sized bag of meth,” Sgt. Susan Poulsen told the Standard-Examiner.

It was probably hard for this Christopher Reeves to grow up with a name similar to the legendary actor and an actore who played a superhero. It might even be the reason he turned to meth. But the actor was named Christopher Reeve but I’m sure that makes no difference to people. Especially bullies.  But seriously, wearing a Superman shirt, you’re just asking for shit.

Reeves was sent to the Davis County Jail and was booked on possession with intent to distribute charges and several traffic offenses. No mention if the jail bars were made of kryptonite.

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