Guy stabbed in chest for accidentally bumping into someone while texting

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guy texting walking

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Everyone has fallen victim to the texting walker not watching out for people in front of him.

I’ll admit, it’s a frustrating moment, but retaliating in this manner goes way beyond “that’ll teach him.”

A 33-year-old Toronto man is in critical condition after getting knifed in the heart. According to cops, the man accidentally bumped into two men while he was texting.

“Those men took exception and took it as a direct slight against them,” Const. Victor Kwong said Wednesday morning. “So they attacked the victim.”

And to make this story even crazier, the stabber’s name was Mohamed Ali.

Everyone in the world take a deep breath. It’s not worth it. It’s a moment slight. Calm the hell down.

[via Edmonton Journal]


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