Videos Of Hamsters Doing Funny Things, Ranked

You might not realize it but there’s more videos of hamsters doing funny things on the Internet than there are molecules in the galaxy. In fact, there are more videos of hamsters doing things on the Internet than there are possible moves in a chess match.

Last night my BroBible colleague David sent me a video of a hamster and it got me thinking about my own favorite hamster videos, and then I went down a spiral of hamstering.

Side note: until college I thought ‘hamster’ was spelled ‘hamPster’…with a P. I’d say ‘hampster’ aloud and nobody ever corrected me. It wasn’t until freshmen year when I wrote ‘hampster’ on a dry erase board on someone’s door and was ridiculed that I realized how fucking stupid I am.

Back to the topic at hand: these are the best videos of hamsters doing things on the Internet, ranked.

#6: Hamster against Kobayashi

#5: Hamster eating pizza

#4: Hamster eating spaghetti

#3: Hamster doing a loopy loop

#2: Hamster eating a burrito

#1: Hamster on a piano eating popcorn

Honorable Mention: Lemmiwinks

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