High school baseball practice interrupted to free girl pinned under car

Valley High School may not be the best baseball team in California. But they did one thing right yesterday: Rescuing a girl pinned underneath a car.


The Sacramento area baseball players were practicing at the Valley High School field when they heard a commotion.

The team ran over to the parking lot when they found a horrified mother who accidentally hit a car in front of her, panicked, then accidentally ran over her own daughter.

“It took 7 to 10 people,” Valley High student Glenmil Biete told KPTV. “We all ran over, carried the car. Then we had one person pull her out.”

The teen daughter was rushed to the hospital after the potentially tragic incident. Fortunately, she suffered no major injuries.

The baseball players are hoping they can meet the girl who made such an unexpected impact on their day.

This is a pretty big win for Valley High’s PR. The only other Valley High I ever heard of were only known for their shoddy treatment of my heroes at Bayside High. Has Slater ever lifted a car off some poor girl? I doubt it.

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