Hockey fans, stop doing this. Stop doing this now

Hockey players are the toughest dudes in the world. No athlete has ever played with an injury. Ever. Just hockey players. They chew glass and spit out nails. They collapse on the ice with heart attacks only to return minutes later. Here are examples of the stupid memes floating around the web.

Yep, lazy and mildly racist.

Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky absolutely eviscerated “insecure hockey fan” in this piece. Couldn’t agree with him more.

The “hockey players are tough” meme is just the worst. You know who’s just as tough? Pretty much every pro athlete in any sport, who just by definition had to be tough and talented and resilient and relentless to make it to the peak of their respective profession.

Responses I’ve already received after tweeting this.

“Shut the fuck up, you’re not a hockey fan.”
“You’re a n-gger lover.”
“Nba player are wussies like dwayne wade carted off for a shoulder injury grow a pair and man up bitches”

Those are all real. Those were all sent to me on Twitter and email this afternoon. You guys are the worst. Seriously.

Also, I love hockey. So, like, fuck off.