Hosewear is a tough, manly, and green iPad case

Fire hoses are designed to take serious abuse. Their stated function is to blast water through themselves, water that’s under thousands of pounds of pressure, and never split, never leak, never give under any circumstances.


So, when hoses are retired, what to do with them? Why not make them into iPad sleeves?

The iPad sleeve Hosewear has developed has a distinct advantage over many other tablet cases and designs. Being as it’s made out of, you know, fire hose, it’s fairly waterproof. Not “let’s play ‘dunk the iPad'” waterproof but it also means you don’t have to sprint out of a rain shower, either.

And, of course, being as it’s made of an incredibly durable material, you don’t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon.

That said, thanks to the material in question, you are limited in your colors: yellow, white, and red are pretty much your own options. But they each have their own unique wear patterns, giving the case a little more character, and if nothing else, it’s probably the manliest way to protect your iPad until they make a protective sleeve out of bullet casings.

iPad Sleeve [Hosewear]