This Woman Cannot Catch A Lobster To Save Her Life—Is Comically Awful At Hunting Lobster

This man thought it would be a great idea to teach his wife how to catch lobster by hand, only she wasn’t listening to instruction or just didn’t care to learn.

Lobstering is an age old tradition, here we’ve got a married couple out in California trying to rustle up some California Spiny Lobster (aka, bugs or chickens), and this guy’s wife is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS, HOLY CRAP WON’T SOMEONE AT LEAST HELP HER?!

I’d feel badly for her if it wasn’t so funny. One of the lobsters that manages to elude her bumbling grasp turns around and smacks her in the face, LIKE A BOSS. She has no bag, no tickle stick, nothing. She just gets her grubby hands in there and hopes for the best. Alas, after many tries she manages to capture one…then immediately frees it?!????

How NOT To Catch A Lobster By Hand

And for comparison’s sake, here’s Florida fishing legend Peter Miller catching lobster (by hand) like a champ:

How To Catch A Lobster By Hand