How to taste vodka…yes, vodka

Smack the next person who tells you that vodka has to be flavorless. Let this crazy Swede walk you through how to properly taste a vodka so you get the most out of the experience. Sure it looks a little ridiculous, but it really does make a difference. If you have two decent options at home, even if it’s not Purity vodka, give it a shot tonight.

For the past decade the goal was to get vodka as neutral as possible, but thanks to the cocktail craze we’ve turned that corner. I haven’t tried Purity vodka, but it seems to fall into the new school category. And before you go citing legal requirements, I’m well aware of the statue saying that US products can’t have distinctive flavor and aroma. There are also laws against marketing cigarettes to kids. Plus, aside from Tito’s, SKYY, and Hangar One, you probably aren’t drinking any US vodkas anyway.