Huge mascot brouhaha at America East Championship between Albany Great Dane and Stony Brook Seawolf

While the basketball was heated between Albany and Stony Brook at the America East Championship, the action between the teams’ two mascots was even more intense. The Great Dane of Albany started a melee with the Seawolf of Stony Brook. Both passionate grown-ups in Halloween costumes wrestled on the sidelines during the basketball game. Eventually both cosplay enthusiasts were separated and cooler plush animal heads prevailed.

I must ask, what exactly starts a mascot fight? Did the Albany mascot say, “Where did you get your costume, the thrift shop?” Or did the Stony Brook mascot say, “I saw you mom at the furry convention last weekend and she was leaving holding hands with a non-furry.” And then why fight? No one is hurting each other, both parties basically have animal-shaped pillows all around their heads. These are questions the I will ponder until my dying day.