Inmate covers himself in butter, takes on 12 prison guards following Arsenal’s victory in FA Cup

I once punched a hole in a door following a Detroit Lions loss. It was both hilarious and stupid, more so the latter. That pales in comparison to what Charles Bronson did following Tottenham’s loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup. The 61-year-old inmate lathered himself with butter and fought 12 prison guards in a fit of rage. He broke some ribs as a result.

In a letter to Kate Kray, the ex-wife of London gangster Ronnie Kray, written two days after the incident, Bronson revealed how he was left with broken ribs after the scuffle.

Excerpts from the letter, which was obtained by the Daily Mirror, revealed how he had ‘visions’ of Mrs Kray’s husband, who died in 1995, just before he flew into a rage because of the football result.

He wrote: ‘I so wanted Hull to win, coz (sic) I’m Spurs. I got Lurpak and spread it on thick. Then a small cloud appeared.

Bronson is a career criminal, having spent the last 40 years in jail. He’s so violent, he’s often kept in solitary confinement. Because, you know, lathering yourself in butter and fighting people is not normal I guess. Let thee who hasn’t smothered themselves in condiments cast the first stone.

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