Insane screaming Italian dude sets some sort of world record with Coke, Mentos, Nutella and a mango-flavored condom

This video is so completely bizarre. You’ve seen the hundreds of videos demonstrating the explosive reaction when you combine Mentos and soda. However this gentleman here wants to push the envelope. So not only does he combine Coca-Cola and Mentos, but he uses five Mentos! Then he adds in his own words, “the energy and vitality of Nutella” to the frenzied party. Why? I have no idea. All it does is add a whole explosive diarrhea-like visual to the experiment. Then he tapes a mango-flavored Durex condom to the top of the Coke bottle, I guess for a tropical, yet disease-free vibe. Now it’s starting to look like a viral marketing campaign by Nutella, Coca-Cola, Durex or Mentos (My money is on Durex). He pushes the Mentos into the cola and so begins the chemical reaction that will fill the condom with the silky, chocolately soda with a hint of mango. The gentleman begins screaming like he’s a soccer announcer and Italy just won the World Cup, “IT’S A MIRACLE!!! WORLD RECORD!!!” And while I am not on the governing board of Guinness World Records I must imagine that he has set a world record for Best Soda And Mentos Explosion Using Nutella and a Mango-Flavored Condom, or Craziest Italian Guy.

Via Reddit