These Interviews Of Guys Talking About The First Time They Shaved Is Proof You Weren’t The Only Clueless Guy

If you think back to the very first time you tried shaving does it make you cringe remembering how clueless and lost you were? Well, you’re not alone.

Here we have a video in which a handful of guys are interviewed and asked to tell their first shaving stories, unsurprisingly most of the forays into adulthood ended in either a cut up face or rash. So sit back, relax, and take solace in the fact that adolescent you wasn’t alone in butchering your face.


So what’s the answer to stopping adolescent dudes from chopping their face up? Well, Philips Norelco believes it’s their Click & Style. The electric razor stops any chances of a young man mangling his face into a crimson mess.

Unfortunately for me my father owned neither a Click & Style or any other electric razor, and I tried to teach myself to shave and groom with this single-usage disposable razors. The only thing that actually spared my face and body from scarring was that I also had ZERO CLUE as to how much shaving cream to use and I basically looked like Santa Claus.

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