Is This The Greatest Slow-Mo Video Of Someone Getting Hit In The Head Ever?

When the new iPhone 6 line was released there was so much iPhone hatred you could barely find a single person saying anything good about it.

But we’re now a few weeks past that and videos are starting to make their way to the masses that are amazing, just like this one. Here we have a video someone trying to take a slow-mo shot of a kid kicking a ball, but what they didn’t realize when they hit record was that it would soon turn in to one of the best slow-mo clips ever shot.


Though the video might warp out of slow-mo into one of the weirdest screams my ears have ever heard, that really doesn’t detract at all from this video. Normally I’d turn a video like this in to a GIF, but with this one there’s no point in doing so, it’s perfection. The cinematography is stunning, the content is second to none, and it’s shot in HD NOT with the phone held vertically. Just pure perfection.

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