It took 23 years, but we have a ‘Dances With Wolves’ video game

Imagine Angry Birds if it was based upon an Oscar winning motion picture. Also if the birds tried eating the pigs; that’s Kevin Costner’s Tatanka Hunting Simulator 2013 in a nutshell.

Remember the Global Game Jam, that thing which helped produce that game in which controls were tied to slabs of raw meat? Well that same shindig helped to spawn the following as well…

And here we have the instructions, courtesy of Kotaku

“If you’ve seen Dances With Wolves you know that eating fresh bison (tatanka in native indian) hearts makes Kevin a happy Costner! Jump on a tatanka and stay on it long enough to eat it’s heart, filling up the hunger meter. Watch out and don’t fall to the ground or hit the horizontal edges of the screen! Each time you fail a run, you get coins for total distance traveled and eaten hearts, which you can spend on upgrades for your character…”

It’s rare for a game based on a movie to be actually good, it’s even rarer for it to make drastic improvements. And now I know why the source material bored me to tears: Costner lacked metallic teeth and a flying squirrel costume.

To give the game a go yourself, simply hit this link.