It’s hard to not guess what a game named ‘Hackycat’ is about

Meanwhile, who could have ever thought that an ad for something called Video Games Quiz would ever be so… dramatic?

Firs thing’s first: there’s a new game coming soon for iOS called Hackycat, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Despite it combining one of the dumbest things that all bored/stoned as hell college kids engage in and cats being kicked around…

I have no idea why I find a werewolf, wearing 80s-era athletic gear and doing a Guile-esque Flash Kick, to be so damn funny. Yet it is. Oh, and as if it actually needs to be said, but cat people (well, animal people in general) can have absolute no sense of humor sometimes. Here’s just one YouTube comment for example:

I get what you’re trying to do here – and I won’t dispute you trying to make a living – but I would urge you not to exploit animals to do so. It is unnecessary, and you can surely understand how your misuse “for entertainment” will cause alarms and flags in people that view animals as equal beings, not ours for entertainment. Please rethink your game; you are in a position to educate and a role model for youths – they are watching, so please act with compassion.

Jesus Christ. Moving on, here’s another trailer for Video Games Quiz, something that’s actually available right now, and for totally free. The game is actually as you might imagine it would to be, whereas the trailer is… something else…

I’m filled with so much infinite sadness and yet I haven’t even gotten a single damn game wrong! My only real complaint is that it’s way too easy.