Tennis player loses at Wimbledon then proceeds to send out the best tweet ever

Ivo Karlovic is a 35-year-old Croatian tennis player who stands at 6’11”. Despite 32 aces, Karlovic lost in the first round of Wimbledon to Canadian qualifier Frank Dancevic. Karlovic summed up his feelings about the loss in one hilarious tweet.


Listen, as far as one-liners from tennis players go, that’s right up there with this exchange between Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick.

Andre Agassi
: “Let’s see what you’ve got, big boy.”
Roddick: “Hair.”

(sorry, tennis players aren’t that funny)

Karlovic will probably receive a warning from the ATP tour about the tweet. You know, because it’s about drugs and stuff. But frankly at this point in his career, I’m not sure he cares.