JamCooler is the best outdoor speaker/cooler

The problem with most outdoor speakers is that they’re too quiet and don’t hold beer. The JamCooler solves both those issues. JamCooler is a portable outdoor sound system contained in a gloriously oversized cooler.


I’ve played softball every Memorial Day since moving to Chicago, and each year we had the same problem. We blew whatever portable speaker someone brought. Most of them just aren’t built to bump sound beyond a patio or campfire. That changed this year when Hans, a friend of a friend, rolled up to the field with a JamCooler. When someone said they had the music covered, this was not what I was expecting.

The JamCooler is the best invention since ice. It can hold 100 cans of beer and pump out 600 watts of sound. That’s pretty much all you need for a summer party. Some friends would help too, but those are really optional. The JamCooler is the loudest outdoor speaker I’ve ever used and thumped sound all the way into the outfield at our game. It’s plays via Bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about having leaving your phone on top, but there’s also an auxiliary jack for you stoneagers. To say I’ve been waiting for something like this would be an understatement; I’ve been longing for it.

The price is steep at $450, but the speakers alone would cost over $250. And unless you have a marine grade waterproof housing built into the top of an oversized cooler, it’s worth the extra money.