Jason Kidd is a terrible coach, human being; fires Lawrence Frank

Jason Kidd has no idea what he’s doing as head coach of the Nets. Like, no clue. He’s in way over his head. He’s like a fat man in a health club, aimlessly wandering around with a protein shake, pretending to know what he’s doing.


Yesterday Kidd fired the one man who could help him, the one man he begged to come back, Lawrence Frank.

Frank isn’t gone entirely but he’s been demoted something fierce. He’s basically a note-taker for Kidd. Everyday he will submit a daily report to Kidd. A report Kidd will never read. Frank is basically the highest paid assistant in the league (he’s still making money after getting fired from the Pistons).

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski sums up the whole debacle in one tweet.