Jennifer Capriati faces prison time for stalking

The spiral into oblivion is nearly complete for Jennifer Capriati. The former tennis star has been charged with battery and stalking in Palm Beach County, Florida. The charge stems from an incident with ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan.

Police in North Palm Beach were seeking a warrant to arrest Capriati, who was accused of pushing and hitting an on-again, off-again boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

According to police files, former Florida State University golfer Ivan Brannan called 911 after Capriati allegedly confronted him about their relationship at the Oxygen Health and Fitness Gym in NPB. Witnesses saw her allegedly hit the 28-year-old Brannan on the chest near the men’s locker room.

Capriati strikes me as a person who fights in locker rooms. She also strikes me as a person who has sex in locker rooms. If she was hot, this GIF would be fitting.

But alas, the years have not been kind.