Meet the woman who wants to look like Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

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Penny Brown will do anything to look like Jessica Rabbit from the classic part animation, part live-action classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

In the last two years, the 25-year-old military wife has had two breast augmentation surgeries that have taking her from an H to an O cup. She also shrunk her waist from 38 to a tiny 23 inches — not through surgery — but by squeezing herself in corsets for up to 23 hours a day. The corset are usually so tight around Penny Brown’s waist, she can’t eat a proper meal while it’s on, so she usually skips eating all together.

All of this to look like the voluptuous cartoon vixen. Penny Brown will stop at nothing to look like Jessica Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbit or ‘bust’

She told the Daily Mail: “I’ve always had a small waist, big hips and large boobs but I’m kind of a go hard or go home sort of person.” Penny is going “hard” for a third time and getting her breasts enlarged yet again.

“I’ve been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit from a really early age,” she told the Mail, “I think she is incredibly sexy and there’s a real power and strength to her character. I’ve always wanted to copy that – at five I was already thinking about breast implants.”

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I was thinking about breast implants at 5 years old as well. I was thinking about them on other people.

Looking like Jessica Rabbit isn’t Penny’s only addiction. She also has an issue with the corsets. She’s addicted to strapping them on.

“Penny was so fascinated by the effect on her figure that she began corset training – a method that involves shrinking your waist by wearing the tight-laced garment for long periods of time. For four months Penny wore the corset non-stop, only taking it off to shower.”

Extreme corseting can do severe damage to the internal organs but Penny doesn’t really give a crap. Even though she gets a ton of shade for her appearance, and even death threats, for wanting to look like Jessica Rabbit.

“I’ve even had death threats, but my appearance is for me and I love the way my body looks.”

I’m almost positive I know who’s behind the death threats.

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