Jimmy Fallon gives superlative awards to NHL players

NHL playoffs are the best time of the year for a couple dozen fans across the country. Jimmy Fallon pimped the NBC property by doling out some lesser known awards to NHL players in his segment, “Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Superlatives.”

Sticking hockey names in front of a non-fan is about the most cruel thing you can do to a late night host, especially when you start with Evgeni Malkin. You’d think that NBC would have prepped him to make it a little less obvious that Jimmy didn’t give a shit, but the butchering of the names actually made the bit even more funny.

He may catch some flack for including Josh Harding, who has MS, but if you’re capable of playing in the NHL, you’re eligible for mockery. Plus, I’ll bet he really does’t give a shit about what kind of wine that is. All maple syrup all the time.