Jimmy Fallon plays ‘wine pong’ with Kathie Lee Gifford

Notorious daytime drinker Kathie Lee Gifford has taken her booze bag to Late Night. Jimmy Fallon challenged her in a classy game of wine pong. What could be better than watching a grown woman chugging Chardonnay?

I’ve played Margarita Pong and Jager Bomb Pong. Hell, I’ve even added Pucker to my beer cups because I had played so many games I was sick of the taste of beer. But one thing I’ve never played with is wine. I’m just not that classy. Leave it to Kathie Lee, who failed a 30-day wine-free challenge, to get after it on Jimmy Fallon. She seemed a little frisky at the end too. Maybe it was all that talk about giving people Heinekens from behind.