What to watch tonight: Jon Hamm hosts the ESPYs


The 2013 ESPYs is on tonight and I guess you should watch, if only because Jon Hamm is hosting. Here’s what you need to watch.

Franklin & Bash @ 9pm, TNT: Another old Franklin & Bash buddy needs legal help. Eventually, their friends will stop running afoul of the law and they’ll be nothing but parties at the beach house. I’m not complaining, simply an observation.

Royal Pains @ 9pm, USA: The Hamptons sure has a lot of medical emergencies.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon @ 12:37am, NBC: Catherine Zeta-Jones is on tonight and I sincerely hope she’s asked about receiving oral sex from her husband.

2013 ESPYs @ 8pm, ESPN: Because Jon Hamm is hosting and Jon Hamm is awesome.

The Bridge @ 10pm, FX: I’ve yet to watch this show. One of those I have on DVR and waiting for a sleepy Saturday afternoon. Getting good reviews though. Worth a humpday watch.