Jose Valverde and his half blonde goatee saved a game last night


Two weeks ago Jose Valverde had no life, no job and was an a$$hole with a half blonde goatee. Fast forward to last night and well, he’s still an a$$hole with a half blonde goatee but also one who’s capable of closing out MLB games.

In desperate need of bullpen help, the Detroit Tigers turned to Valverde who hadn’t pitched since last year’s playoff debacle. According to Valverde, several teams were itching to get him, including the New York Yankees.

That was a lie. And not like a little white lie either. A full blown one which prompted a response from GM Brian Cashman that included the words “no” and “hell no.”

But that’s beside the point. Valverde came back and closed out the Kansas City Royals 1-2-3 in the ninth. Before doing so, he did his little Papa Grande ritual.

And then he did his patented, quirky, nonsensical celebration.

Good to have you back Jose. The sports blog community was in desperate need of more GIF-ing opportunities.