Kate McKinnon is even hotter when she farts

Peter Yang/GQ


Kate McKinnon is the funniest woman on SNL. She’s probably the funniest cast member period.

She’s killer at impressions, destroys Justin Bieber every time, and pretty nice to look at. She’s even amazing playing Make Me Laugh with the people over at GQ.

GQ: I used to play this game in high school where my friends and I would sit around a table and take turns trying to make each other laugh. Like, this one time, my friend Mike just banged his forehead really hard on the table! Everybody laughed! Have you played that game?
KM: No.
GQ: This is kind of putting you on the spot, but it’s not very hard to make me laugh. Do you want to try?
KM: I’m not in the mood for this.
GQ: Um. Okay, let’s move on.
KM: No, no, no, that’s what I would say! I would say, “Guys, I’m really not in the mood for this, I actually have this thing on my mind that I need to say that’s really been weighing on me. I’m sorry.” And then I would fart.

That’s a game-ending move right there.

[H/T GQ]

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