Kate Upton to star in ‘The Other Woman’


Acting! All the cool kids are doing it. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Kate Upton around these parts. Her combination of an absolutely impossible body and a willingness to show it off is a beautiful thing. But lady Kate doesn’t want to be seen as just a pretty face anymore, so she’s looking to prove herself in the hot streets of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter has a brief casting note today saying that Upton has taken a role in The Other Woman, an upcoming comedy directed by Nick Cassavetes. The flick stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a cheating husband (married to Leslie Mann) who sees his multiple extramarital affairs start to unravel before his eyes. Upton, naturally, plays one of the chicks he’s sleeping with (as does Cameron Diaz).

Can we rewind for a second? If you’re banging Kate Upton, why the hell would you also need to bang Cameron Diaz? That’s like eating a package of Oreos and then eating a package of Hydrox right afterwards. It’s both greedy and disappointing. Anyways, the three women get together to enact revenge on the dude and hijinks ensue.

This isn’t Upton’s first foray in front of the camera – she had bit parts in Tower Heist and The Three Stooges. I didn’t see Tower Heist because I don’t watch Eddie Murphy movies anymore and I didn’t see The Three Stooges because I love my life and don’t want to ruin it with garbage. In both of those flicks, Upton didn’t stray too far from her natural role of “hot chick in a bikini,” so we’ll see how she can manage actually delivering lines of dialogue.

To be frank, the most acting Kate Upton has done so far is in GIF format. Hell, if they made Kate Upton GIFs: The Movie, I’d go see it. In IMAX.