Katherine Webb will be in the SI swimsuit issue

So Katherine Webb’s having a good week huh? Webb tweeted last night she’d be in this year’s SI swimsuit issue. The tweet was later removed, presumably at SI’s behest. I’m guessing it was going to be a surprise so, uh, way to ruin it girl.

Here is a brief timeline of perhaps the greatest week anyone has ever had.

January 7th

ESPN cameras spot her in the crowd during the National Championship game


Brent Musburger talks about how hot she is.

Her boyfriend A.J. McCarron leads Alabama to a win.


January 8

ESPN apologizes for Musburger’s comments.


January 9

Webb appears on the Today show and defends Brett, says she was flattered by his comments.


January 10

Webb asked to be in SI swimsuit issue.


January 11

Katherine Webb spotted with George Clooney.


Ok fine, I made that up. But you believed it for a second didn’t you? Seems like a natural progression.