Katie Nolan GIFs – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

Katie Nolan is leaving us soon and that’s too bad. We’ll miss her humor, we’ll miss her spontaneity, we’ll miss her terrible dancing. Above all though, we’ll miss her ability to produce GIFable moments. Take a look at this final edition of Katie Nolan animated GIFs.

Who are we getting to replace Katie? Check out the finalists here.

35 Katie Nolan strips down

34 Katie sees a mouse

33 Katie talks about scissoring other women

32 Katie talking about people’s weiners

31 Katie as Amanda Bynes

30 Katie plays baseball

29 Katie hates Ryan, spits in his face

28 Katie stuffing her face with hot dogs

27 Katie with the country club swing

26 Dammit, that’s not Katie Nolan

25 Katie doing awkward white people things

24 Katie putting hot sauce on her ass

23 Katie loves Kate Upton’s boobs

22 Katie has ants in her pants

21 Katie and anal sex

20 Katie and her infatuation with Courtney Stodden

19 Katie sneezes

18 Katie riding a bike

17 True story: Katie can’t wink with one eye

16 Creepy Katie is the creepiest

15 Katie vs. the bacon sundae

14 Katie teasing the fellas

13 Katie talks about big boobs

12 Katie does the viewer email dance

11 Katie has lice

10 The best Katie reaction ever

9 Katie with the potty mouth

8 Happy Katie

7 Flexible Katie

6 Katie with some serious dance moves

5 Katie grossed out

4 Katie the runner

3 Surprised Katie

2 Katie feeling the heat

1 Katie’s training video with the Guyism staff