LAST CHANCE! Compete with Katie Nolan in one-day fantasy baseball contest, win a chance at $50,000

Did your NCAA bracket fall apart? So did Katie Nolan’s. Now, thanks to DraftKings, you can get one more shot at competing with her.


DraftKings runs one day fantasy baseball games that let you show off your fantasy baseball skill without any of the long-term lineup setting effort. And we’re running a special game that’ll allow the lucky winner of our contest to get into DraftKings’ big game, where one guy will land a $50,000 grand prize. And, more importantly, you get to stick it to the lovely and talented Katie in the process.

Go to DraftKings and put together your team in our special Guyism game now.

The game will kick off with MLB Opening Day so all entries have to be in before 1:05 PM Eastern on April 1st.

Note: The “Compete with Katie” game requires a $1 entry fee to make sure you’re on the up and up. DraftKings is not only guaranteeing the winner a shot at $50k, but at the very least half of all entries will win money. And if only 20 people enter, then everyone will win cash!

If you’re feeling froggy, you can also sign up for their $20,000 Opening Day contest. You won’t be competing with Katie there, but you can win some serious cash.

Sign up for the Guyism contest on DraftKings now!