7 reasons in GIF to watch Fox Sports 1’s ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ with Katie Nolan

Our adorable friend Katie Nolan is moving to new sports channel Fox Sports 1 on August 19th. You already know why we’ve liked her for years but here’s seven perfectly valid GIF reasons to watch Katie on the new show Crowd Goes Wild.

1. Katie actually knows sports!

You think you can hit a frozen rope like Katie did in this GIF without knowing a little bit about sporting. Katie Nolan: A Sportsman’s Sportswoman.

2. Katie trying to keep from cursing

It may shock you to learn that Katie Nolan is occasionally a bit profane. Now watch her try to keep any of those seven dirty words from popping out the moment someone on Crowd Goes Wild says something she disagrees with. It can probably be a drinking game!

3. They’re definitely going to make her dance

Did you know that Katie danced growing up? You probably couldn’t tell by her sweet dance moves that regularly popped up when she hosted the Guyism Speed Round. But her new bosses know that Katie loves to dance, too. She may be embracing her inner Young MC and busting a move sooner than you’d think.

4. She’s going to be happy every single day!

On TV, you’re legally not allowed to stop from smiling. Happy Katie every single day, regardless of how much Jameson she may have come across the night before!

5. Katie gets to interact with people every day

When you saw Katie before, you only occasionally got to see her interacting with people — and every moment was priceless. Now you’ll get to watch Katie unable to keep her face from hiding her thoughts in glorious high definition TV.

6. The off chance there’s a mouse in the studio in live TV

No one hates the pests of the Animal Kingdom quite like Katie Nolan. Vermin in the Crowd Goes Wild studio may lead to a Katie-based incident that ends in host Regis Philbin’s head literally exploding.

7. Because you made it this far with her

We’ve all watched Katie grow up from a bartender to a now actual famous person. Why stop supporting her now? Spoiler alert: Still no boobs.

No subject is out of bounds on “No Filter with Katie Nolan,” a new web series on FoxSports.com and Youtube.

Katie is also the digital correspondent for Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild where she’ll provide a hilarious look at athletes and celebrities in the news. Tune into “No Filter” Monday-Thursday afternoons and Crowd Goes Wild on Monday-Friday at 5PM ET on Fox Sports 1.