Kendrick Perkins and his wife got in a fight at a nail salon

Nails are serious business people and when you wrong the wife of an NBA player, shit’s gonna get real. Trang Nguyen learned this the hard way when Kendrick Perkins’ wife, Vanity, almost cold-cocked her.

“I ran out there, and I was like, ‘Well, you cannot talk to me like that,'” said Trang Nguyen. “And, of course, we are pointing at each other. She pointed at my face, and I pointed at her — but I never touched a hand on her or anything.”

Witnesses told KOCO that Perkins called her husband, who arrived at the salon before police did.

“He said some bad word, yes, and he was slamming on the door. He was running his car and threw a bottle,” Nguyen said.

Part of the scuffle was caught by cameras.

The Perkins Gatorade toss was confirmed by his wife. I imagine, like his jump shot, it was awkward and off the mark.