Kid buys Coke recipe on eBay for $15 million


When the supposed recipe for Coke went up on eBay this week, a teenage kid did what we all would have done. He bid $15 million for it. Now he has 3 days to come up with the cash or eBay will murder his family.

OK, so maybe I made up those consequences. Nothing will happen to the bidder other than having his account banned. eBay and the seller are both aware that the bid wasn’t legitimate, but the kid does get 3 days to raise the money before the auction is cancelled. To Kickstarter!

Coke is calling the document BS, which makes the document pretty much useless. It’s tough to claim memorabilia has value when the brand in question says it isn’t real. They’re sticking to their story that only two people in the world know the recipe, and it’s locked in the cola version of the Disney Vault.

If CSI has taught me anything though, science determined the secret recipe long ago. A simple lab test can identify everything in the drink and in what quantities. Unfortunately for Big K and all the other generic brands, recreating it for profit is illegal.

via BusinessInsider