Kirk Ferentz says Iowa may not return punts again

If Kirk Ferentz has his way, the Iowa Hawkeyes will never return a punt again. And no, he’s not kidding. Ferentz made the statement this week after his team got burned again by a fake against MSU. It’s the second time this season the Hawkeyes have given up a big play by a punter, the first one coming against Northern Illinois.

Ferentz says he’s leaning against sending blockers downfield to help set up returns after Iowa was burned by a fake punt in Saturday’s loss to Michigan State.

Ferentz indicated that Iowa might always keep its defense home in the future, with a returner charged simply with keeping punts from hitting the ground.

The stupidity here is astounding really. A fake punt should never work against a disciplined team, one who keeps their eyes in the backfield. Before MSU faked their punt Saturday, this is what they saw.



Uh, yea, why wouldn’t you fake. The sidelines are wide open. They’re practically begging you to run. Perhaps, and, I don’t know call me crazy, Ferentz should leave 1 guy in the middle of the field as a rover. Or, I don’t know, don’t do the same shit over and over.

Can’t believe this dude still has a job.