WWE news and rumors: Kurt Angle returning to WWE?

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WWE news and rumors from the wrestling world today revolve around Kurt Angle and a possible WWE return.

Other rumors and news include Daniel Bryan on Raw, Chris Jericho coming to the aid of a fan, Triple H on a magazine cover and what happened after Raw went off the air.

Kurt Angle Done With TNA?

According to several source, Kurt Angle wrestled his last match in TNA.

Angle will miss significant time with a knee injury. While he recuperates, his contract with TNA will expire. It’s highly unlikely TNA will offer Angle a new deal, especially with so many injury setbacks over the last few years and Angle getting up in age. TNA is also not advertising Angle on a January 2015 UK tour which many feel is TNA’s way of saying Angle won’t be back.

Kurt Angle has long pushed for a return to the WWE — but as the Camel Clutch blog points out — Angle’s contract has expired before and WWE has shown little interest in resigning the former Olympian.

Daniel Bryan not advertised for Raw

Great observation by the folks over at WrestlingInc.com — they noticed that Daniel Bryan is still not being advertised for next Monday’s RAW in Knoxville, Tennessee. There’s speculation that the WWE will drag out what happens to the WWE World Heavyweight Title for a few weeks.

Stephanie McMahon demanded on last night’s RAW that Bryan show up next week to surrender his title. Bryan is yet to confirm he’ll appear.

Jericho aids fan injured at rock festival

A fan in the front row at the Rock on The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio was injured last weekend, and when former WWE star Chris Jericho heard about the incident, he stood by her side while she was checked out by EMT’s and loaded into an ambulance. Jericho was in attendance to perform with his band Fozzy.

Triple H on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine

WWE Superstar, COO and 13-time World Champion Triple H is featured on the cover of the June 2014 issue of Muscle & Fitness. It’s not the first time Triple H has appeared on the front of the long-running magazine but considering he’s 44 years old, it’s all the more impressive.

Click here to see the cover.

What happened when Raw went off the air

After last night’s RAW went off the air, Bray Wyatt noted that John Cena was knocked out of his shoe and held it up as Cena laid on the mat. The Wyatts then issued an open challenge, which was accepted by The Shield as Cena rolled to the outside. The Shield then cleared the ring of the Wyatts and hit a triple powerbomb on Erick Rowan as Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper took off to the back. Check out the rest of what happened here.


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