LED Lenser F1: A super bright and super small flashlight

One of the many wonderful things about light-emitting diodes is the fact that they’ve taken the humble flashlight to ridiculous extremes. They’ve gone from dinky little things at the grocery store to tools you can carry in your car that could blind pilots if you’re not careful.

LED Lenser

And no flashlight embodies this glorious overkill like the F1 from LED Lenser.

This tiny little light throws 400 lumens a range of 100 meters, which basically means it’s the only flashlight you need, and it fits in your pocket next to your wallet.

Granted, this kind of excess comes with an extreme price. This is powered not by an AA battery, but the much harder to find CR123 battery, which uses a lithium cell instead of the usual alkaline method to give off power. The upside is that it only uses one of them.

The downside is that it’ll much through batteries quickly with continuous use, two hours on the highest setting and three and a half on the lowest.

On the other hand, at 400 lumens and 100 meters, you probably won’t need it for two hours.

F1 [LED Lenser]