This Little Girl’s Hilarious Song About Poop Is Reason #10,000 To Avoid Having Kids

I though we were done with ‘Frozen’ forever, but apparently not. This kid combines several of my biggest fears: a daughter, and a daughter saying ridiculously embarrassing things about poop.

It’s well documented that kids say the darndest things, and that’s one of the prime reasons I never, ever want to have a daughter (if I ever have kids)….which of course means I’ll likely end up with twin daughters one day singing this poopy song as a duet.

Major props to this little kid though for writing and singing something straight out South Park. Eric Cartman himself would be impressed if he heard this little ditty. My favorite line “let me poop, I cannot feel me toes, let me poop, I feel so bad for my nose.”….a regular ‘ol Williametta Shakespeare:



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