8 life hacks to make your alcohol drinking even better

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From watered down drinks to hangovers, booze drinking is fraught with peril. In the spirit of the discerning drinker, let’s take a look at a few useful hacks for making the experience of drinking a safer and more enjoyable one.

8 Keep Your Beer Chilled

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Have you ever seen someone put ice into a glass of beer? I have and I don’t even want to talk about it. To keep your beer nice and chilled without watering it down, just freeze a bottle of water and stick it in your pitcher instead. Genius.

7 Keep Your Wine Chilled

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This couldn’t be easier: just freeze white grapes and serve them in (your girlfriend’s) white wine to keep it cold.

6 Make Alcohol-Soaked Candy

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Make easy vodka gummies by placing gummy bears, worms or rings in a dish covered with vodka for a few days and watch them soak it up just like you’ll be soaking up their ingeniously smuggled booze later. It’s not a party unless you’re eating the alcohol.

5 Prevent A Hangover

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Take a multivitamin before drinking, then drink a glass of water in between every drink for serious hangover prevention. You’ll wake up feeling a lot more refreshed than that usual hangover feeling that resides somewhere between being vigorously birthed and violently dying.

4 Enhance Cheap Vodka

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Pour cheap vodka (Barton’s, Crystal Palace, or another fine charcoal filtered bottle of nasty that you used to drink in high school) through a water filter a few times and then chill for a smoother taste. Then, put it in an empty bottle of a higher caliber brand before you serve it, just to save face.

3 Sneak Pre-Game Booze Anywhere

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Are you going on a cruise or somewhere else you don’t want to shell out $12 or more for a drink? Okay double-0 drunk, here’s what you do: Empty a Listerine bottle, clean it out, fill it with vodka, add a few drops of food coloring, and close it up for easy pre-gaming access when you arrive. The same can be done with water bottles and no food coloring.

2 Drink Economically

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Drinking economically is far more important than drinking responsibly, isn’t it? For example, if you’re buying Bacardi, just go for Bacardi 151 instead. You only need to drink half as much to get just as drunk, so even though it’s a pricier bottle, it’s still more cost-effective.

1 Open Your Beer Bottle Like a Boss

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Use one beer bottle to open another by hooking the lids together (one beer upside down and one right side up), popping the upside down bottle upwards (that’s one), and then thrusting the unopened one downward on the now open bottle (that’s two). You’ll impress your friends, the ladies and maybe even yourself.