Lil Dicky raps about sports and it’s wonderful

Rapper Lil Dicky has made quite a name for himself on YouTube. In just a few shorts months, he’s amassed millions of views with critically acclaimed videos like, “White Dude”, “Ex-Boyfriend” and “Staying In.” Today, Lil Dicky takes on the world of sports and throws around lyrics like:

I got girls on ma penis
Flow is the meanest
Not Gilbert, but I’m sellin out arenas
Do it all day A peterson
Because I’m tryna get paid like Revis did

I met a French bitch, big lips, and she got a body
Told her put that ass on moi like nnamdi
Fight like rocky, white like Roddy
Hoosier Daddy all knight like Booby

Can we encase those words, put them in Smithsonian? It’s simply beautiful.