Limb by Lannister: the ‘Game of Thrones’ — Phish mashup hippies have been waiting for

To uninitiated, Phish can be a very strange and confusing cult-like band. To the initiated, Phish is also a very strange and confusing cult-like band. The same cult-like enthusiasm can be said about ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.

As for myself, I fell on both sides of this spectrum. So when this ‘Game of Thrones’ vs. Phish mashup came out last week, needless to say my enthusiasm was slightly embarrassing. Most of you reading this are not in fact Phish fans, but that doesn’t really matter, because the lyrics sync along to the ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes perfectly.

And for all of the ‘Game of Thrones’ fans reading this be sure to check out my recap of this week’s episode!

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