LumoraPod is the multitool of flashlights

As regular readers know, we’ve kind of got a thing for multitools. Beyond being a tool nerd, there’s a good reason for that. The more functions a tool can provide, the more useful it is and the more money you save. So needless to say, we’re probably buying a LumoraPod post-haste.

uco lanterns


The “Pod” in the game comes from an LED globe you can slide up and down the body of the light. Put the globe at the top and you’ve got a flashlight. Put the globe at the bottom and you’ve got a lantern.

That’s not where it stops, though. It comes with extendable legs and a strap, and has a ball joint built in. So, strap it to a tree or a post, and you’ve got an instant adjustable worklight. If that we’re enough, it has an “infinite” dimmer, meaning you can tweak it to exactly the level of light you want.

At full output, it’ll drain the four AA batteries you need in eight hours. But hey, at least it’ll be convenient until then.

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