Magmate keeps your blade sharp

If you get into cooking, and you probably will if for no other reason than you need to perfect the steak, you will get knives. And then you have to store them in such a way that you still have fingers when you reach into the drawer you’ve thrown them it.



This is where something like the Magmate comes in handy.

The Magmate is essentially a sheath for your kitchen knives. The outside is made of plasticized PVC and comes in several different colors, which is a bit odd since a person most likely to need this probably is not going to care.

All you do is put the blade on one side of the guard, flip it closed, and magnets take care of the rest. The guard both protects you when you’re rooting around looking for the knife and helps to keep the knife sharp, as the blade isn’t trying to cut something when you don’t need it to.

If nothing else, it’ll make your kitchen look a bit more adult and keep your crappier knives less crappy longer. The Magmate is $25 a pop.

Magmate [MoMA Store]