Mailbox: OK, this email app is probably worth downloading

Email apps are, as a rule, boring. They’re mostly about formatting and design. Mailbox takes a slightly different tack: It’s about getting your email down to zero, every single day.

Largely it’s about using swipes and reformatting. For example, a quick swipe to the right on a message means you want to archive that email. A swipe to the right and hold means you want to delete that email. A swipe to the left means you’ll be delaying that email until a point you specify with a tap of a button.

It also takes a slightly different approach to viewing email. Email is laid out as a chat, and it’s also integrated with certain features like the camera, so you can take a photo in the app and send it via email.

Here’s the standard-issue “whimsical” video that shows it in action:

It’s basically designed to let you burn through your email as quickly as possible and get back to your day. Currently it’ll only be available for iOS and only use GMail, but one assumes other mail services and devices will be coming in fairly short order.

Mailbox [Official Site]