Malicious Advice Mallard: New Meme You Should Know

After an overwhelmingly positive response from last week’s New Meme You Should Know, the Actual Advice Mallard, I realized I couldn’t live with myself without introducing you all to the mischievous anti-hero known as the Malicious Advice Mallard. In direct contrast to his beloved brethren who exists merely to provide you with time-saving and happiness boosting life hacks, the Malicious Advice Mallard is simply out to watch the world burn. While this quasi normal photo of a mallard may not seem dangerous, be extremely wary of heeding anything you see in the caption. Perhaps it serves as an outlet for those unfortunate souls burned by good advice to vent their frustrations on the Internet in the form of a malicious meme, but whatever the case may be this duck is simply hilarious.

Let me be as clear as possible: DO NOT FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF THIS MEME. Actual Advice Mallard = Good. Malicious Advice Mallard = Bad. First seen on Reddit in December of 2012 by user TEmpTom, this meme is often meant to represent precisely the opposite of what the message is conveying. For instance, if the Malicious Advice Mallard tells you to shout ‘I have a bomb’ then you’re actually supposed to do the opposite of that, keep your mouth shut and not have a bomb. Because you shouldn’t be a psychopath with a bomb, and I shouldn’t have to explain that. So without further ado, here’s today’s New Meme You Should Know: Malicious Advice Mallard.

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