Man dies and leaves $800K to homeless cats

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A California real estate attorney dropped dead and made sure to take care of the homeless in his will.

Homeless cats. Screw homeless people.

Brian Russell Kirchoff was always a cat lover. In life and in death. The real estate attorney in San Rafael, California made sure his fortune went to take care of homeless cats after he was gone by leaving $800,000 in his will to the Marin Humane Society.

“Any cash proceeds left shall be donated to the Marin Humane Society for the express benefit and use of their cat fund for the benefit of all the cats which come into their care,” stated Kirchoff in his handwritten six-page long will.

Kirchoff was also generous to animals when he was above ground. He gave some much, and so often, he actually referred to himself as “cat daddy.”

Cat daddy always takes care of the pussy. You know what I’m saying?

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