‘Man of Tai Chi’ trailer is ‘Bloodsport’ meets ‘Mortal Kombat’

The Man of Tai Chi trailer finally reveals the plot behind Keanu Reeves directorial debut kung fu movie. It turns out there isn’t much of one. It’s just a lot of ass kicking, which sounds perfect. I’m sure there is actually plenty of plot to Man of Tai Chi, but they are clearly emphasizing the action. Tiger Chen is the new Frank Dukes, and from the looks of it, he would own Jean Claude Van Damme in a fight.

This movie is right up my alley for two reasons. One, I jock Keanu Reeves. Two, I love my kung fu movies high on action and low on backstory. I’ve lost count of the number of movies I’ve sat there fast-forwarding, only stopping for the fighting. I’ve been through just about every martial arts movie on Netflix. Needless to say this might be my favorite movie of the year.